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Maya Pedal has a small number of volunteer positions for skilled, self motivated people. We expect volunteers to come to us with skills to offer and skills to teach.

Volunteers must have previous relevant experience as well as reasonable Spanish comprehension. We have roles which include:

:: Workshop Engineers

Making pedal powered machines using arc welding gear and heavy duty power tools, as well as mixing concrete, painting and finishing.

:: Cycle Mechanics

Taking donated bikes and making them ready for sale and fixing up bikes brought in by the public. If you're new to bike mechanics, please check out our beginners guide to fixing bikes.

:: Sales & Marketing

Getting the machines out there. Selling at local markets and events, making links with Guatemalan NGOs and local cooperatives. Improving promotional materials.

:: Producing PDF Instructions

Writing and photographing clear, step by step instructions for each bicimaquina. The ability to take sharp informative photos and write clear text without jargon is a must.

:: Translating

All our instructions need translating from English to Spanish and other languages.

These roles are flexible and work is varied.

Volunteers are also responsible for keeping the premises clean and comfortable. Painting, decorating and improving volunteer accommodation. Accommodation is modest.


San Andrés Itzapa, is a colorful, friendly town in the highlands, close to Antigua and 1,800m above sea level. There’s a bustling market selling just about everything you’ll need for your stay, as well as a few restaurants, a bank, and an ATM machine. The atmosphere is relaxed and the locals are friendly and welcoming. People are predominantly Kakchiquel speaking and Spanish is their second language. The surrounding hills support lush, protected forests with superb views.


Sight seeing: volcanoes, lakes, hot springs and waterfalls are all within cycling distance. Aside from helping out in our shop and getting to know the folks around Maya Pedal, it is likely you will also get to experience some of the partnerships we have with local NGOs representing women, indigenous people, and agricultural workers - each working on unique community projects.


Though there is no doubt that you will learn a lot while you are here, and your mechanics skills will improve. However, there is no structured work schedule or learning program. Maya Pedal is not a school of bike repair, nor of appropriate technology.  We spend the vast majority of workshop time fixing bikes, not building machines. Volunteering at Maya Pedal is, to a large extent, what you make of it.


In the best interest of Maya Pedal´s sustainability, we strongly favour volunteers who can commit to a longer term stay (ex. 4 months).  If there is space available, we will accept volunteers for shorter periods.  You will be expected to be self motivated, work hard and contribute in any way you can.  Since you will often be working without direction or direct supervision, we also favour experienced volunteers. We work from 9am until 5pm (mas o menos) Monday to Friday.
There is a small weekly shelter fee of 35 Quetzales per volunteer to cover water, electricity and internet expenses. Volunteers are responsible for buying and cooking their own meals. Volunteers are expected to get themselves to San Andrés Itzapa by their own means.
We also have a wish list and we gratefully accept cash or gift donations. If you can bring quality bikes tools, safety equipment, or items related items, please get in touch with us to determine our current needs.
Because space is very limited, we must know when you intend to arrive and how long you intend to stay. You must be specific. Your acceptance may be denied or differed because of space constraints. If you are accepted, you must let us know in advance if your plans change. We likely have turned people away in order to accept you.
All interested volunteers must answer the questions below and email them to us.  Please allow some time for us to respond back to you.

Apply to: mayapedal@hotmail.com 


Please email us with the following information.


Date of Application:                           Name:

Address:                                            Phone:

E-mail:                                               Date of Birth:

Nationality:                                        First Language:

Other Languages:                             Level of Spanish language:

Arrival Date:

Duration of Stay:

How did you find out about Maya Pedal?

What experience and skills do you have?

Do you have any health problems that we should be aware of?

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