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What Are Bicimáquinas?

Bicimáquinas are pedal-powered machines that assist with a variety of jobs in the home, on the farm, on the road and in small businesses. Each bicimáquina is handmade in our workshop using a combination of old bikes, concrete, wood, and metal. So far, we have developed several original designs that have proven to be both functional and economical.

We have produced fact sheets and instructions for the more popular designs. We also have some Sketchup models. If you find them useful, please make a donation.

Bicycle Mill/Corn Thesher

This bicycle machine is adapted to fit a hand powered grinding mill or a corn thresher. The Mill function has the capacity to mill 3 lbs. per minute of any type of grain. The most common use is for milling yellow maize, soya beans, and coffee.

The Thresher is used post-harvest and easily degrains 12 to 15 quintales (1 quintal = 100 lbs.) per day and requires only one person to operate the machine.


Build Instructions

Sketchup model

Bicycle Blender

A common kitchen blender adapted to a converted bicycle. Blends fruit-smoothies, vegetable purée and grain as well as soaps and shampoos. Perfect for selling smoothies at the football field, festivals and parades. Spins up to 6400 rpm.




Sketchup Model

Bicycle Rope Water Pump

The pedal powered water pump, lifts water at 5-10 gallons per minute from wells and boreholes up to 30 in meters depth, (compared to an electric pump that only pumps up to 12 meters deep). Provides irrigation and drinking water where electricity is not available.


Rope Pump Factsheet

Rope Pump Sketchup Model

The Mobile Water Pump

Fits on a bike and can be taken anywhere.




Construction Photos


Bicycle Nut-Sheller

Removes the outer-shell of macademia nuts at 7lbs per minute.


Fact Sheet

Trikes & Trailers

We custom build both front-loading and rear-loading tricycles and a variety of trailers for hauling both human and non-human cargo. These can be used for all purposes: taxi services, disabled mobility, selling ice-cream or newspapers, or transporting larger, heavier loads like water or firewood.


Henry's Trailer Sketchup Model

Microconcrete Vibrator for Roofing Tiles

This machine produces the vibrations required to force air bubbles out of concrete. This produces long-lasting, impermeable concrete that is moulded into roofing tiles. The roofing tiles are attractive, durable, and create better insulation than the ubiquitous corrugated metal roofs. Cheap to produce, these tiles have a great potential as the basis for a small business.

Bicycle Coffee Depulper

Removes the outer shell of the coffee bean allowing small-scale farmers to then roast their own beans in the sun. The latest model of this machine has the capacity to process 7lbs per minute.



Bicycle Metal Sharpener

For sharpening all kinds of tools used in agriculture.

Bicycle Washing Machine

Still in the prototype phase, this pedal-powered washing machine has great potential in rural areas where washing clothes by hand is very time-consuming and inefficient.

Bicycle Electricity Generator

Another prototype with great potential to provide a cheap source of electricity to power 12 volts for appliances in rural communities.

Soil Plow/Till/Hoe

Used by hand to work soil, pushing it like a wheel-barrow.

Bicycle Wood Saw

A prototype tool for wood artesans that helps save time, money, and materials.

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